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MAVITEK is a trademark of TELSAN. Telsan has been providing radio communications solutions to its customers in Turkey and the Middle East for over 30 years. Mavitek became a brand after design and development of cavity filters by Telsan engineers and with the grant of TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

    In its brand new R&S center based in Istanbul, Mavitek primarily designs and manufactures filters, duplexers, combiners and other supporting equipment for analog and digital VHF/UHF radio communication systems. Mavitek products are widely used in public safety, transportation, aviation, and maritime applications.

We operate with three major principles:

1. High Quality Products
     • We product dependable, durable and high quality products that meet customers’ requirements.

2. Good Value
     • Our high performance products have optimum price/performance value

3. Faster Turnaround
    • We purchase materials in their raw form and have complete control over manufacturing process which provides faster dispatch after receipt of order.

    As of Q1 2015 Mavitek is in full production with domestic business as well as export customers in Europe, Asia and Africa.



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