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4 Cavity UHF Duplexer
Mavitek MUD series band pass/band reject, 4 cavity duplexers are designed and produced for the 380-470MHz band. They perform simultaneous receive and transmit function into the same antenna with minimum insertion loss and maximum performance. MUD series duplexers are blue enamel painted copper. The connectors are silver plated and PTFE insulated. MUD series are configured as industrial standard 19”/3U rack mount. With high “Q” values they achieve maximum isolation and superior performance with 5MHz Rx/Tx frequency shift. MUD series perform flawlessly under extreme conditions like -30ºC to +60ºC under 250Watts maximum input power. They are the ideal choice for full duplex repeaters and base stations. MUD series duplexers will be tuned to the frequencies required by the customer and shipped ready for installation. If field retuning is needed, it can be performed flawlessly by the “Invar” tuning rod within the duplexer’s frequency range.
Model No MUD4440
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range 440-470MHz
Antenna Impedence 50Ω Nominal
Minimum Frequency Separation 5MHz
Maximum Input Power 250W
Insertion Loss Tx/Rx to Ant. 1dB (Adjustable)
VSWR (max.) 1.5:1
Rx Isolation at Tx Frequency More than 80dB
Tx Isolation at Rx Frequency More than 80dB
Impedence 50 Ohms
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range -30˚to +60˚C
Number of Cavities 4/108mm
Connector Type N-Type Female
Color / Paint Blue / Glossy Enamel
Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 481x133x310 mm
Mounting 19" Rack / 3U Height
MUD4440 Türkçe Broşür
MUD4440 Türkçe Broşür
4 Cavity UHF Duplexer